Presentation of CONNECT Valenciaport and other rail related projects of the Port of Valencia in Zagreb and Rijeka

The Director of Innovation and Port Cluster Development of the Valenciaport Foundation, Salvador Furió, participated last 3rd of October in the Conference “Croatia and Spain connecting Europe and the Mediterranean” of the Croatian-Spanish Economic Forum, which was held in Rijeka and Zagreb at the begining of October.

The objective of this meeting, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Secretary of State for Trade and ICEX, with the support of Spanish organizations such as the Ministry of Development, ADIF, Puertos del Estado, MAFEX and the Valenciaport Foundation, was to deepen cooperation between both countries in the railway sector, with the Mediterranean corridor and the connection with the ports as a background.

During his speech, Salvador Furió explained Valenciaport’s strategy for the development of rail transport, presenting the CONNECT Valenciaport and I RAIL projects, among others.

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